Outfit post / What I like to call the 'Topshop effect'


This is a simple Topshop loving outfit that suited perfectly for a day of picnicking in the english sunshine! 
Like many, this summer I have continued the spring trend on of updating a simple white tee by wearing spaghetti strap tops, dresses or playsuits over the top.
It's been an extremely popular pairing.. Portraying serious 90's vibes.
Side note: This style also came in quite handy for covering up those burnt shoulders so many of us brits have been showcasing.. 
(Or maybe it's just me!) 

I adore this polka dot playsuit number that has already become a staple piece saviour to my 'end of summer/autumn' wardrobe. 
Purchased for a fair £32, the playsuit has a silky luxurious feel to it.
Its design is the same subtle pleated fabric look that we've seen used widely this summer on garments such as 'culottes' and tops alike.
I'm prepared to pair this polka dot number with tights, some ankle boots and of course my leather jacket when the grey clouds begin to do their thing. Which they surely will be soon!
 I am for one.. very excited! 
(Did somebody say.. 'Layers'!?)

Since being age 14, buying pieces from Topshop has been a big deal to me. I'd stick their bags on my wall, plaster their latest ads from my vogue magazine anywhere I could.
It was all I wanted to wear, it was who I wanted to be (Strong statement!) and I'd save up most of my money to have a much anticipated end of month splurge in one of their stores.
 The 'Topshop effect' as I call it, still hasn't worn off on me!
When I shop there, I make sure the item will last at least a well worn season or two.
I've lived to learn their quality is always great, and that brings in an extra joyous buzz when I make the purchase!
This playsuit has been exactly that. 

Who else is excited to get stuck into buying A/W trends? Or again.. Is it really just me?

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Outfit details:

Playsuit - Topshop 
White baby Tee - Topshop
Belt - Topshop
Neck scarf - ZARA
Shoes - Vans

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