Cue the culotte - for a formal dress alternative


At the beginning of last month Henley royal regatta began. It's a 5 day rowing event that most of whom live in the same area as me attend. It's a really good day out with lots of pop up bars, dancing and lots of rowers in short shorts (thumbs up). 
I hadn't been for a few years but decided to accept the invitation this year and go for it. Knowing I would be going on the saturday (the most popular day) the nerves set in as I was probably going to see a lot of old familiar faces. All I wished for was to feel both confident and happy in myself, and therefore be able enjoy the day and feel relaxed. 
After unconsciously putting off looking for an outfit until a few days before.. I then see my friends snap chatting their dresses and started desperetly browsing for my 'dress'. I was looking through lots of good options online, however the ones I found that appealed to me, were going to be so short or not give me that element of feeling comfortable on this quite nerve racking day.
 Looking for an alternative to a dress.. I then considered jumpsuits or smart trousers. Trying on different styles on a shopping trip and having no luck I then pushed myself something completely different.. 
Cue the 'Culotte'. 
Having never dared to try them, but always admired those that did.. I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised. In fact I remember thinking how silly I had been to wait so long to try them! They are in fact super flattering. 
The pair I chose were pleated 'camo' green from Topshop in the most beautiful light silk type fabric. For what might be a hot summers day.. these weren't going to make me any hotter than a dress. Overwhelmed with my new found love in culottes I purchased them. Culottes are just as easy to style as regular trousers or jeans. I had no problem coupling them with a basic black Tee, and then added some dazzle with accessories including my Vivienne Westwood bag and Moschino belt. To finish the look I wore my ASOS tie up sandals, knowing they would get me through the day and night without having to hold my heels wandering back home. 
The outfit for me, was a great success. Feeling confident it was also great to look a little different. 
I would recommend the same approach to dressing up.. That being: Dressing to what suits you and never feeling pressured into having to wear a dress for every formal event!

Culottes - Topshop
Top - Primark 
Belt - Moschino 
Bag - Vivienne Westwood
shoes - ASOS 
Neck tie - ZARA 

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  1. I always shy away from culottes but love the pair you got!! They're definitely a nice alternative to a dress. Would love if you could check out my new post? X

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa


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