Fighting mental illness with fashion


One of my focus's for this blog will be attempting to help anybody fighting anxiety, depression and body image issues.
There are so many forms of mental illness, and so many of us no matter what lives we lead are/will be affected. You never know who's suffering behind a smile, a social media page that isn't all it appears, or behind closed doors!
Mental illness can be just as crippling and life consuming as any physical illness. 
However, it doesn't get the same recognition, compassion or understanding, as sadly some still have to 'see it, to believe it'.
It can be hard to recognise in others, as those effected will fight for the good days and to feel 'normal' (what's that anyway?)
This is why it's vital more awareness is spread in any way possible.
Never underestimate those bad days, or the push it takes to face the world sometimes.
People still struggle to talk about how they are feeling, due to the bad stigma it's been given, but talking about it is what can help lift the weight.

When I say I want to 'help'. I mean by simply giving the advice and tips I've learnt along the way dealing with my personal journey. In a lighthearted manor..
I am in no means an expert! However I have over 4 years under my belt of crippling anxiety that even left me hospitalised a few times. 
Enough of that sad mantra, because I have come so far now.. and you can too.
Being able to give back a little help wherever/however I can is something I am now committed to.
Believe me when I say 'I understand'.

I've had a lot help over the years from professionals. I've also met a lot of wise people whom have had personal experience in this area. I feel it would be a waste to keep what I have learnt and gained, all to myself. 
So I thought, why not blog about it?.. And alongside my fashion and design related posts which are two huge distractions that have helped shape the new more confident Sacha!

Yes. Surprisingly, I have found comfort all along in fashion.. 
In an industry you'd assume would be the worst for someone with issues about their appearance, it has helped me immensely.
Learning to dress yourself to suit the shape you were blessed with, can give you the confidence to face the world when you don't feel like it.
I love using my creativity to have fun and show my personality with colours and style. It definitely  makes life for me seem a little brighter. 

Follow me for tips, tricks and general chit chat on this very important subject!

 - Feel free to message me or leave a comment if you ever want to discuss anything related to the above.

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  1. Really lovely post. I think people sometimes with anxiety might look at fashion as something that either alienates them from others and makes them feel self-conscious or use it as a means of covering up their 'flaws.' I think it's important shed light on the fact that fashion is more about self-expression, loving yourself, and embracing who you are!

    1. Glad you liked it lovely!
      So true! :-)


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