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Today the sun is shining big time in England! It already seems odd to be looking at a photo of me wearing tights a week ago! However, I loved wearing this outfit. I had to post it!
 I dithered about buying a cord pinafore for a while. When I spotted this navy blue one on PrettyLittleThing.com for just £20 I was sold. On this day I was working in Knightsbridge (Interior Design) and matched the pinafore with a floral, 70's vibes shirt.  
Mixing lightweight, sheer fabrics with clean cut contrasting garments gives the bohemian/vintage feel a dapper dressed up feel. That was what the 70's was all about and it's fun to explore different era's!

I am debating a pair of flares? What's your take on them this summer?

If you haven't noticed already, I have a huge love for hats. This Topshop fedora happened to be a perfect match and finished off the look nicely! My next post will be about this particular trip to Knightsbridge and where to do 'tea time'. So british.

Hat - Topshop
Pinafore - Prettylittlething.com
Shirt - Boohoo.com
Bag - Chanel
Boots - H&M
Belt - H&M

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  1. You look stunning with this outfit!! <3



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