Miami take 3


My return to this little ol' blog is going to be a whirlwind of posts of recent adventures!
Firstly, Miami. After a nasty little health blip I felt my body and mind deserved some relaxing in the sunshine. To switch off from this crazy world for a week sounded oh so good.
We played around with the idea of Dubai or Greece. Guaranteed good weather, awesome beach's etc.. but I had somewhere else on my mind. MIAMI! 
It's had my heart since my first trip there in 2010. Even in torrential rain for a week it captivated me. Good work Miami.
I adore the atmosphere, the arty hotels, and the people. The people! You can play 'spot the hunky guys playing volley ball' in the day and then in the evening be greeted by a man with snakes around his neck down Ocean Drive. (It happened to me!) 
Take the different characters in your stride, taking time to appreciate the generation split of 'Old Miami' and the 'New miami'. 

We previously stayed at the stunning 'Delano' hotel in South Beach. This trip we chose a neighbouring hotel called 'The Sagamore' which is just as fabulous if you love the Arts like me. 
It is also a much more laid back place (Less posers at the pool) which I prefer nowadays. 
wow I am 23 going on 80?
Here are some snaps. Feel free to give me a message on my social media links (homepage) for more advice on how to enjoy this awesome city.

Sacha :-)

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